Monday, December 31, 2007

We're back!

We arrived home safely after two uneventful flights. Some of us are off to New Year's celebrations. The rest of us are happy to be home to get some rest and to take a hot shower for as long as we want.

Overall, we had a wonderful time in Mississippi. Many friendships blossomed. At the airport, Facebook addresses were shared, and photos were swapped. We hope to stay in touch and get together at some point in the next few weeks to share our memories.

Thanks for your support! We were only in Mississippi 1 week. Please keep in mind that for the residents of Pass Christian, Gulfport, Biloxi, and many more towns, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is a daily affair. There is so much we can do to help, whether it be through donations, prayers, or appreciation for what we have been given.

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