Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fish Fry

We finally had the big fish fry, and it was excellent. We had fried catfish, hush puppies and corn balls, and French fries. The fish was so good that Joe Amoyal got the recipe.

We also got a chance to present the Nativity Giving Tree gift cards, and they were greatly appreciated. Father Pete said that donations were strong after the storm but have tapered off. The cards will help with purchasing extra materials when people run out of money. He hopes that our group will be able to return so that we can use some of the equipment that they have purchased.

We found that Square Foot Ministries, where we are working, was short on supplies, so we purchased a nail gun, two drywall screw guns, a T-square, tape measurers, nails, and other necessary supplies to work on our projects. We were able to purchase these materials through the generosity of the parishioners of Church of the Nativity.

Today, we put up more dry wall. We had two teams going in one house, so it was very crowded, but active. The third team continued painting (we will try to let them have a break from that tomorrow). They also found a stray dog and took her to the humane society.

We attended Mass at Holy Family Parish. The Mass was given by a visiting priest from Michigan, who had come with another group of volunteers. The Mass was at the same parish where we ate last night. The resident priest, Father Dennis, thanked all of the volunteers for their help. When he asked the volunteers at Mass to stand up, it was half the people in the church. The altar servers were so cute. There were three of them, and they looked about 6 years old.

I forgot to mention that Marie Amoyal has been helping out in the kitchen at Project Hope all week. She has been cleaning, organizing, and helping plan the meals. All of the more than 100 volunteers staying at Project Hope greatly appreciate her help. The meals have been delicious!

Another group arrived tonight from Indiana. It's great to see so many volunteers. Thanks for your continued prayers.

By the way, Happy Birthday to Terry McTeague!

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vicki said...

Happy Birthday, Terry! What an impressive way to celebrate this special day.

We're all praying for you and Linda, and the entire group, and can't wait to hear about your adventures (and the catfish and hush puppies) when we meet again. Be safe!


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